Years ago things were built to last and people learnt how to fix things. Now, things get thrown away without too much thought.

I was inspired to get a trade under my belt, to have a ‘proper job’  so in my spare time I qualified as a sparky. Climbing in dusty lofts quickly lost its appeal but I never lost my passion for repairing beautiful things. I also loved turning old bits of rubbish into gorgeous lighting.

Friends and family offered a continuous flow of things to fix and requests to transform precious items into lights. I also had a day job as a business analyst & software developer but lockdown meant I could spend some time with my hands mending and making.

I never grew tired of transforming rubbish into beauty and lighting up people’s lives. I also knew I was doing something good for the environment because these items had a new lease of life. I’ve also been fascinated in what makes good design, and deeply irritated by poor design (there’s lots of that around!).

So whilst never short of friends and family wanting things I make, I thought I would extend it to others. That’s where I am at today.

I live in Norfolk with my dog Leia. I am also a trained chef and have a tattoo of R2D2 on my arm. I like Star Wars. 

-Martin Kentish, April 2021.